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Top 5 Favourite August Finds

Top 5 Favourite August Finds

I thought I'd write a post at the end of each month with some of my favourite new food/drink related finds - everything from places, recipes, products etc. which may not warrant a whole post but definitely deserve some love and recognition! So here are my favourite new finds in August - in no specific order.

1. Morrison's Best Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

It's a fancier Nutella with crunchy bits of hazelnut in that tastes amazing spread on freshly toasted crumpets, generously slathered on pancakes and microwaved to dip fruit in. It's really rich and sickly but in all the best ways! The dark chocolate one in the same range is also good (but not as good), and I've just discovered in writing this post that they do a caramel chocolate one so will be on the lookout for that to try.

Chocolate spread.jpg

£1.30 at Morrison's. 

2. Cure and Simple

Great tasting packs of bacon delivered through your letterbox as regularly as you like it - what's not to like?! I bought Paul a subscription after he fell in love with the local butcher's bacon in the Suffolk countryside, so we now have a steady supply of different flavoured bacon arriving each week for the foreseeable future. 

Cure and Simple.jpg

3. Posh cider that's pretending to be champagne. 

I went on the hunt for Cidrerie Stassen after the recommendation in the September issue of Delicious Magazine. It's a sparkling cider that's bottled to look like a champagne, cork and all, and comes in rosé, brut and grand cru varieties. We tried the rosé one when camping and it was so refreshing, not over-the-top sweet like some rosé ciders either. Be warned, the cork on ours absolutely flew off the bottle and landed miles away so make sure you're pointing it well away from people/breakables if you do get some! 

I forgot to take a picture of this one but you can find it in Sainsbury's (around the £8 mark). 

4. This Azerbaijani lamb recipe from August's Delicious Magazine. 

Filled with lots of wonderful spices and different textures, Azerbaijani cooking is something totally new for me but we both loved this dish and will definitely be making it again. You can find the recipe on page 71 of August's Delicious Magazine.

Azerbaijani lamb.jpg

5. M&S Damson and Port Chutney

Obviously great with cheese and wine, but my favourite use for this so far is with the aforementioned bacon. It's got quite a strong flavour so holds its own well against a really good quality bacon. I happily discovered this when I had a fridge forage and had some of the chutney with bacon and a leftover chapati I'd made earlier that day. Sounds odd, tasted delicious, don't judge me. 

M&S Damson chutney.jpg

So there you have it, a very random collection of things I've loved this month. Did you discover any new products or recipes that you loved in August? Let me know in the comments below so I can try them!

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